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Oct 2, 2013 / 1 note

The Night a Woman Burst Into My House Crying About Someone Trying to Kill Her.

Int. My House - Midnight - October 2nd.

I tuck myself into bed and get real cozy and I prepare myself to fall asleep. Not even a minute later, I hear the porch door slam open and the voice of a girl screaming out for help. I thought maybe it was my sister Jenny for some reason. But my brother, who was on the floor on his computer turns to me.

Demian: Gabe! Look!

I turn my head and see a girl in my dining room, framed by my door way, on her knees with her hands up in the air like it’s a stick up, crying.

Girl: Help me, please! Someone’s trying to kill me!

I jump out of bed, my brother gets up from the floor and we both enter the living room. My mom…

Mom: German! Venga aqui! Apurate!

And the girl is still crying for help.

Girl: I’m sorry! Someone’s trying to kill me! I ran from East Union Park!

My dad had already entered the dining room, telling the girl to calm down. He immediately picks up the phone and calls 911

Dad: Yes police, this is [home address] and we have a girl to broke into my house, she’s saying someone is trying to kill her, we think she’s on drugs. please send someone here immediately.

The girl, who we find out later is called Stephanie, sat down against our wall as she crawled away from the door, still crying that someone was chasing her and trying to kill her and telling us how she felt her chest was burning and how she felt funny.

My brother and I checked outside to see for anyone who may have followed her. Nobody.

While we waited for the police, I went to the bar across our house and asked the barmaid if she saw the girl.

Barmaid: I saw the girl running in the middle of the street, acting kinda crazy and then I lost sight of her.

Me: Did you see anybody chasing her?

Barmaid: There was nobody behind her.

So I guess she must have been tripping balls off of something.

The police finally arrive after…after 10 minutes. One of them looked like my high school’s basketball coach, and the other cop looked like a generic, brunette guy with glasses.

The cops even miss our house, so they had to turn back. They drive up and park in the street and step out of their vehicles. I swear, they roll out of their cars like they fucking own the city, flashing their lights, not making eye contact…anyways…my dad meets them halfway.

Dad: good evening officers, she’s in the house telling us someone is trying to kill her and that she feels funny.

When the step inside the house, they greet her by name! they know her! She stands up relieved that the police are here and she hugs my basketball coach looking cop! They saw her at the park?? and she freaks out about this and lets go of the cop. backs away from him and point her finger at him as if he was the guy who drugged her. They for fucking sure, reassure her that they are not who she thinks they are. 

Generic Cop: We’re not the guy you think we are.

Basketball coach cop: I’m not even from Des Moines.

Generic Cop: yeah, he’s from Minnesota.

They bring her out of our house and step into the porch for a moment, ask her a few more questions then they take her out on our front steps to question her a lot more.

Questions like: Where were you? what did you take? who were you with?

Girl: I ran from the park! I don’t know what I took, he just fucking put something in my busch light! I was with my friend and her boyfriend and not with my husband!

By the end of the night—or at least my night as I’m typing this story— Here’s what I gathered happened from overhearing her and her story:

She was hanging out with a friend and her boyfriend. The boyfriend slipped her something in her drink. It was probably a small dosage of roofies. the guy wanted the two girls to fool around with each other, but Stephanie didn’t want to, pissed off the guy, threatened to kill her, she started tripping balls and started having a bad trip. She ran away, bursts into our house. We call the cops. They question her. We get tired, and the cops are getting tired, because she’s obviously tripping balls and her story isn’t coming up straight, i decide to go to sleep and write this story so I don’t forget it. 

                                                                                        Fade out.

I left out some parts, so I may have to come back later to include them. Anyways, though, that was my night tonight.!

Mar 16, 2013

Meeting Dooley

Dustin Dooley is probably one of the coolest person I have met so far. He is going to be the director for a feature film produced in Des Moines, Iowa.

I got invited to his house to hang out a little bit, get to know each other, talk shop (movies and stuff). I asked if I could invite a friend: my movie friend, Ali, but she already had something to do; my longboard friend Bill, but he was turning in for the night. So i thought I’d invite my dad and my brother and we went to his house.

Dustin greeted us in and he was really cool! He showed us his editing studio, his stabilizer, his camera (Red Scarlet) and some of his artwork that he has hanging in his living room. 

We talked about movies and what we do, I got to show him a little bit of what I’ve done in the past year and he liked it! That was so cool to hear and I told him about my experience and he said he’d like to hire me to edit.

My dad was with us and with my dad, our conversation evolved into just two people getting acquainted with this movie director to actually a couple of friends telling each other stories and exchanging viewpoints and ideas, so we’d steer off filmmaking for a bit and then come back. My dad would point things out for me and show me off and criticize me, but it all helped me to get a spark going that would get me to work with Dooley on the movie and future projects!

I liked Dooley a lot, he’s a humble guy and a very interesting artistic person. From what me and my father have talked with him, I can tell he’s going to be a great guy to work with and as a potential new friend working together on a shared passion.

I’m thankful to God, because I think that even through my own free will, I found the path I was supposed to take to walk towards my passion in life. I cannot wait for what will come next and I cannot wait to work on this feature film.

Mar 9, 2013

Sub Sonic Social, Des Moines, Iowa, March 8, 2013

  • danced with a lot of hot girls
  • had a great time with some friends
  • met some awesome new friends
  • made out with this cutie
  • stuck my face it a really hot girl’s ass, and it was awesome (video proof)
  • danced my ass off
  • literally laughed out loud
  • had a great fucking time
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Des Moines
Mar 8, 2013 / 33 notes

my city

Des Moines

Feb 2, 2013 / 1 note

1st Movie Audition, 2 Feb 2013

I auditioned for the first time in my life today. It’s for a feature film that will be produced my my home city. My character is a younger brother, who is a degenerate gambler and drug user and he’s having a conversation with his older brother at a bar and they have a heated talk.

It felt amazing.

It was a good feeling having to read my lines and getting a feel that I wanted for the character I was reading for. I felt like I did a good job. I got complimented that I did well and the lead said that he liked my act.

I told the Director and Producer that I really am interested in acting for the role, but if for any reason that I don’t get the part, I would love to be a crew member. I just wanted to be a part of the movie, because this is actually something that I dreamed about! I dreamed about making a movie in my city and now that this is a chance, I’m going to fucking take it!

So this is a thanks to God for putting this movie in my path and patting myself on the back for taking the opportunity to do this. It’s also a thanks to my family for supporting me.

I’m so freaking excited.

Jul 25, 2012 / 1 note

Doing what I love

I love making movies and this weekend (July 27-29, 2012) I will get the chance to make a movie with a little help from my friends and that movie will be shown in a movie theater! Making movies is what I love to do. In June, I decided to make a movie every weekend to prepare for the 48 Hour Film Project. I’ve made more movies this year than I have my whole life. I’ve written and directed and camera op-ed pretty much every movie and I loved it. I loved being able to write down a story—my story— and i loved being able to direct it and tell my actors what to do, I loved being able to be behind the camera and also I loved editing the movie as well.

This weekend I’m going to be doing what I love to do, and I’ll be doing it with friends and my family will be supporting me. I’m going to love seeing my movie on the big screen at one of our local movie theaters. I hope and pray to God that nothing that i can’t handle happens this weekend. I worded it that way because, I know we’re going to hit some speed bumps during the weekend as we’re making a short film in just 48 Hours.

Movies. I love movies.

I am a filmmaker for the 48 Film Project in Des Moines, Iowa.
My team is called Gate 13 & Company.
Jul 6, 2012

I am a filmmaker for the 48 Film Project in Des Moines, Iowa.

My team is called Gate 13 & Company.

May 14, 2012 / 1 note

Des Moines, Iowa

My city is Beautiful. Why would I ever want to leave this place? It is a growing city and becoming more beautiful every year. My city may not have the beach, or be a huge city like New York or Chicago, but dammit we got beach-beautiful woman and that big city feeling. We know how to party, you like gotta look and know where the party is at. We are a city that loves our festivals(Latino, Asian, Italian, 80/34, 515 Alive, BCB, etc) , our State fairs, and the little places close to our heart. We have great food, from the excellent hole-in-the-walls like Tamale’s Industry to fine restaurants like Centro; great family restaurant like Noah’s Ark to more adult The Americana. Our places of entertainment accept all: the gays at Blazing Saddles to the straight couples having near sex on the dance floor at the monthly Sub Sonic Socials. My city has it’s beautiful diversity that is so unifying that I am proud to live in Des Moines, Iowa. My heart will always be with Des Moines.

Some of the places where I’ve been, But most where my best friends are
Although I know most of my best friends might not read or see this. Just know that All of you are the most precious gifts from God, he has ever given me and that no matter what happens, I will always love you all. Though the love may vary, this love is most genuine. I thank God, for all of you.
Mar 6, 2012 / 2 notes

Some of the places where I’ve been, But most where my best friends are

Although I know most of my best friends might not read or see this. Just know that All of you are the most precious gifts from God, he has ever given me and that no matter what happens, I will always love you all. Though the love may vary, this love is most genuine. I thank God, for all of you.

Des Moines, Iowa
My City
Mar 3, 2012 / 9 notes

Des Moines, Iowa

My City