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Jul 6, 2012

Anonymous said: so what is your actual opinion in regards to depression? and more specifically, women with depression or other disorders.

I think that even though depression is clinical, I still think it can be overcome without pills. Depression, to me, is just rock bottom of loneliness and sadness. Some people can’t get out of it, but it’s not impossible to leave it. The only place to go is up. It’s a state of mind where one is very sad and pessimistic. Friends and family will try to reach down to you to pull you up back into the happiness, but ironically, those that are in rock bottom, try to pull the others down with them. Women with depression is probably one of the worst things a woman could bear with her. All girls do deserve to be happy and they should be because, woman are the light of our world. Men should treat that light of the world properly. from the little that I have learned, good things for a woman to get out of depression is watching happy movies, watching comedy, eating good food, working out, even sex because sex releases positive endorphins that relieve depression. there’s a science to sex, because sex always makes people happy. But the most important factor to treating depression even above what i listed… is the WILL to be happy, the DESIRE to be happy and the PERSISTANCE! It is the pursuit of happyness.