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The Night a Woman Burst Into My House Crying About Someone Trying to Kill Her.

Int. My House - Midnight - October 2nd.

I tuck myself into bed and get real cozy and I prepare myself to fall asleep. Not even a minute later, I hear the porch door slam open and the voice of a girl screaming out for help. I thought maybe it was my sister Jenny for some reason. But my brother, who was on the floor on his computer turns to me.

Demian: Gabe! Look!

I turn my head and see a girl in my dining room, framed by my door way, on her knees with her hands up in the air like it’s a stick up, crying.

Girl: Help me, please! Someone’s trying to kill me!

I jump out of bed, my brother gets up from the floor and we both enter the living room. My mom…

Mom: German! Venga aqui! Apurate!

And the girl is still crying for help.

Girl: I’m sorry! Someone’s trying to kill me! I ran from East Union Park!

My dad had already entered the dining room, telling the girl to calm down. He immediately picks up the phone and calls 911

Dad: Yes police, this is [home address] and we have a girl to broke into my house, she’s saying someone is trying to kill her, we think she’s on drugs. please send someone here immediately.

The girl, who we find out later is called Stephanie, sat down against our wall as she crawled away from the door, still crying that someone was chasing her and trying to kill her and telling us how she felt her chest was burning and how she felt funny.

My brother and I checked outside to see for anyone who may have followed her. Nobody.

While we waited for the police, I went to the bar across our house and asked the barmaid if she saw the girl.

Barmaid: I saw the girl running in the middle of the street, acting kinda crazy and then I lost sight of her.

Me: Did you see anybody chasing her?

Barmaid: There was nobody behind her.

So I guess she must have been tripping balls off of something.

The police finally arrive after…after 10 minutes. One of them looked like my high school’s basketball coach, and the other cop looked like a generic, brunette guy with glasses.

The cops even miss our house, so they had to turn back. They drive up and park in the street and step out of their vehicles. I swear, they roll out of their cars like they fucking own the city, flashing their lights, not making eye contact…anyways…my dad meets them halfway.

Dad: good evening officers, she’s in the house telling us someone is trying to kill her and that she feels funny.

When the step inside the house, they greet her by name! they know her! She stands up relieved that the police are here and she hugs my basketball coach looking cop! They saw her at the park?? and she freaks out about this and lets go of the cop. backs away from him and point her finger at him as if he was the guy who drugged her. They for fucking sure, reassure her that they are not who she thinks they are. 

Generic Cop: We’re not the guy you think we are.

Basketball coach cop: I’m not even from Des Moines.

Generic Cop: yeah, he’s from Minnesota.

They bring her out of our house and step into the porch for a moment, ask her a few more questions then they take her out on our front steps to question her a lot more.

Questions like: Where were you? what did you take? who were you with?

Girl: I ran from the park! I don’t know what I took, he just fucking put something in my busch light! I was with my friend and her boyfriend and not with my husband!

By the end of the night—or at least my night as I’m typing this story— Here’s what I gathered happened from overhearing her and her story:

She was hanging out with a friend and her boyfriend. The boyfriend slipped her something in her drink. It was probably a small dosage of roofies. the guy wanted the two girls to fool around with each other, but Stephanie didn’t want to, pissed off the guy, threatened to kill her, she started tripping balls and started having a bad trip. She ran away, bursts into our house. We call the cops. They question her. We get tired, and the cops are getting tired, because she’s obviously tripping balls and her story isn’t coming up straight, i decide to go to sleep and write this story so I don’t forget it. 

                                                                                        Fade out.

I left out some parts, so I may have to come back later to include them. Anyways, though, that was my night tonight.!

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May 8, 2013

#longboard #desmoines #iowa #night

Des Moines Capitol at night #desmoinesiowa #desmoines #iowa #capitol #night
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Des Moines Capitol at night #desmoinesiowa #desmoines #iowa #capitol #night

Jun 16, 2012


I actually haven’t been as nearly as happy this summer until last night. spending the night with some old and new friends and having a drink with them is probably the best thing I could ask for. even my ex was there and things were totally fine and I spent the night talking to everybody and said hi to all. I danced and joked and played around. It was such a great time. I talked to girls, finally. I love talking to girls. I hope that something like that happens more often because I really did love it. They make me happy

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Late night Poem

Late nights I wonder
Late nights I ponder

Nothing Gold can stay
is that why we drifted away?

What is to become of me?
now that i am away from thee

2012 isn’t starting off very happy
so far, it’s not my cup of tea

My birthday is coming up, i’m turning 19
but i’m not sure i want anything

what i yearn for most is to be free
i want a freedom i felt when she was with me

I want to walk to wherever i feel
get a sense that the world is real

I want to be tired when I come back home
and sleep with my mind free to roam

i want to be with someone
but not just anyone

in the day, i am always with deep thought
i think and i think, and  I think a lot.

I think too much for my own good.
always puts me in a gloomy mood.

Toronto, Canada
Mar 2, 2012 / 4 notes

Toronto, Canada