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May 14, 2012 / 1 note

Des Moines, Iowa

My city is Beautiful. Why would I ever want to leave this place? It is a growing city and becoming more beautiful every year. My city may not have the beach, or be a huge city like New York or Chicago, but dammit we got beach-beautiful woman and that big city feeling. We know how to party, you like gotta look and know where the party is at. We are a city that loves our festivals(Latino, Asian, Italian, 80/34, 515 Alive, BCB, etc) , our State fairs, and the little places close to our heart. We have great food, from the excellent hole-in-the-walls like Tamale’s Industry to fine restaurants like Centro; great family restaurant like Noah’s Ark to more adult The Americana. Our places of entertainment accept all: the gays at Blazing Saddles to the straight couples having near sex on the dance floor at the monthly Sub Sonic Socials. My city has it’s beautiful diversity that is so unifying that I am proud to live in Des Moines, Iowa. My heart will always be with Des Moines.